Go Through Ultrasound To Ensure Your Baby Is Healthy

An ultrasound uses sound waves to be able to create images of a baby while inside the womb of a mother. This is usually used to help monitor the development from the early fetus stage until it grows in a full grown baby. The ultrasound is also used to determine the sex of the baby, it can also determine whether the baby will have some congenital diseases early on.


It is not advisable to undergo an ultrasound if you don’t have any medical reasons. This is because the sounds waves the are used to create an image may have a negative effect on your body. You may feel nauseous after the ultrasound and may cause you to vomit. So it will be best to consult a doctor before undergoing the procedure.

Usually, when a pregnant woman goes for an ultrasound, they check for the following:

  • To make sure that the woman is legitimately pregnant
  • To ensure the heartbeat is strong and continuous
  • They can give you a rough estimate when the due date is for the baby
  • Check if there is a possible for twins or even triplets
  • Overall check-up on the reproductive parts (Placenta, uterus, ovaries, and cervix)
  • Look for any early diseases
  • Check For Miscarriage


Before you go through an ultrasound, you will require a full bladder to be able to get clearer images. You should drink as much water as you can or around 3 to 4 glasses 30 mins before your check-up. It will be important for you not to urinate until you have finished the ultrasound, or else you will have filled up on water and wait for your bladder to be full.


Here are the different types of pregnancy ultrasounds you can expect:

  • Transvaginal: This is used during the early stages of pregnancy and is main purpose is to be able to get a clearer picture of what is inside. A tiny tube is inserted into the vagina and from a certain point, images will be captured.
  • 3D: This type of ultrasound allows your doctor to see your fetus in three dimensions (width, height, and depth). Which is a lot more angles than your basic 2D ultrasound. With this type, it will be a lot easier to get more information about the state of your baby.
  • 4D: This is being able to watch your baby live on television. Aside from images, you will be able to see what your baby is doing at that very moment. This is performed with a top of the line special equipment and it will cost you a lot of money.

Hopefully after reading this, you will have a new perspective about ultrasounds for a pregnant woman. This will only assure you that your future kid will live a healthy lifestyle and also helps with prevention of other diseases. Never take this for granted, and make sure you use when you should. Baby ultrasound in Dc are relatively cheap and every pregnant woman needs this to ensure a healthy lifestyle for her kid.